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Private Music Lesson Prices


Weekly Private Music Lessons

​Private 1/2 hour lesson

Private one hour lesson


* For in-home lessons, add $10 per house-call


Lesson Price




​Est. Monthly Price

$132 per month

$264 per month

Small Group Lesson Prices


​Est. Monthly Price




Price Per Student




Weekly Group Music Lessons

1/2 hour class 

One hour class



*There are no make-up lessons offered for group lessons.

Rock Band Class Prices


Weekly Rock Band Class

One hour class




Price Per Student



​Est. Monthly Price


*Rock Band Class must be accompanied by separate 30min or 60min private lesson. No make-up lessons for Rock Band Classes.

Registration Fee

There is a one time registration fee of $35

You may pay for the semester in full (or the remainder of the semester in full), or you may opt to pay automatically each month via credit/debit card.  We may be offering 3% off for paying the semester in advance via check, be sure to ask us about that.  We accept major credit cards.  To enroll in monthly auto-pay, please register, and enter your payment info directly into our website yourself. We will then enter you into our auto-pay program and we'll run your card on the 1st of each subsequent month.  



Kinder-Rock (age 6-7 ish)

Summer Cover Camp

Original Boot Camp


* Dates vary by year, click to check our other site for details



$225 / wk

$400 / wk

$800 / 2-weeks


Early Drop-Off (8am)

$30 / wk

$30 / wk

Automatic Monthly Payments Required for weekly lessons/classes

Auto-pay is required. It ensures you never have a late payment (unless your card expires), and it keeps us from having to chase down late-payers. Also, you don't have to worry about My Music Lessons LLC losing your credit-card information or getting hacked, because we never even see your card. You enter it yourself on our website. Once entered, we can only view the last 4 digits for reference. Our credit-card payment platform is secured by Paypal, so when you save your card info on our site, it's actually being stored by Paypal, not us. And they have very high security standards, so your card information is safe and sound.



The Semester Schedule

For continuing students, our school offers three semesters per year.  You must sign up for an entire semester, and we are happy to be flexible with scheduling in the Summer to acommodate for vacations etc.

Fall Semester = September through December
Spring Semester = January through May
Summer Semester = June through August

Four Months Feels Like Too Long A Commitment?

We understand.  If your child hates it after 3 lessons and puts up a fight every time you take them to lessons, its no fun for anyone.  But sometimes if you just get past the initial hump, and the child gains a little confidence, things can turn around before your eyes.  Our teachers are fun, give us a chance to win your child over.  :-)

Free Trial Lesson

Not sure?  Why not just take a lesson and see how it goes? It will cost you $0.00, just mention this offer!  Keep in mind though, we must put a $33.00 charge on your card to put you onto the calendar.  (However, if you set up a lesson with us, and then forget about it, we will charge you for it.  We respect our teacher's time and must pay them for it,  so remember to mark your calendar!).  Call us to set up your free lesson now!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with your instructor, you may try another one.  We have many teachers and we will make sure you click with yours.  If you decide you don't want to come back for more lessons for ANY reason, we will never take a dollar from you.  Our reputation is everything to us.  We will only accept your complete happiness.  Nothing less.

1/2 Off Your First Month Promotion

So, we're running a promotion right now. Get half-off your first month of lessons instead of a free trial lesson. The catch is, you must commit to attending for the remainder of the semester, without a trial lesson. (It's a better deal surely. But this is for folks who are already certain music lessons are in the forecast, and are confident MML will take care of them properly). How do the dollars stack up?; If you take 30min lessons, your monthly bill is usually $132, so this promo is a $66 value. If you take one-hour lessons, it's a $132 value.

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