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Benefits of Music Lessons on Kids

There are powerful correlations between regular practice of a musical instrument and academic achievement. Check out the following links; they hold research compiled by NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants ( and Support Music (

Practice Makes Perfectly Awesome Neural Networks
“Music enhances the process of learning. The systems they nourish, which include our integrated sensory, attention, cognitive, emotional and motor capacities, are shown to be the driving forces behind all other learning.” -KONRAD, R.R., "EMPATHY, ARTS AND SOCIAL STUDIES," 2000

“The College Entrance Examination Board found that students in music appreciation scored 63 points higher on verbal and 44 points higher on math than students with no arts participation.” -College-Bound Seniors National Report. “Profile of SAT Program Test Takers. Princeton, NJ.” The College Entrance Examination Board, 2001

“Students who were exposed to music-based lessons scored a full 100% higher on fractions tests than those who learned in the conventional manner.” -Neurological Research, March 15, 1999

“U.S. Department of Education data show that students who report consistently high levels of involvement in instrumental music during the middle- and high-school years show significantly higher levels of mathematics proficiency by grade 12.” -CATTERALL, J., CHAPLEAU, R., AND IWANAGA, J., "INVOLVEMENT IN THE ARTS AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT," 1999

Young children who received a year of musical training showed brain changes and superior memory compared with children who did not receive the instruction. -FUJIOKA, T., ROSS, B., KAKIGI, R., PANTEV, C., AND TRAINOR, L., BRAIN, A JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY, OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, SEPT. 2006

“Middle school and high school students who participated in instrumental music performances scored significantly higher than their non-band peers in standardized tests.” -University of Sarasota Study, Jeffrey Lynn Kluball; East Texas State University Study, Daryl Erick Trent

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