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Guitar lessons are the most popular of all lessons.  We offer jazz guitar lessons, rock guitar lessons, classical guitar lessons, and other styles.  Our teachers are highly educated and highly talented.   They are able to use their training and talent to transcribe just about anything you want to learn, no matter what the style.  


Rock Guitar Lessons

Rock guitar is one of our specialties.  We have many guitar teachers that absolutely "rock".  From easy riffs like Iron Man and Smoke On The Water, to warp-speed shredding like Kirk Hammet of Metallica, our teachers can help you achieve your musical goals.  


Rock guitar lessons are great if you grew up loving rock and roll.  We strongly believe in teaching songs familliar to students.  So if you grew up listening to rock, we certainly are not going to force you to learn country.  (We might ask you to learn some basic blues, because rock and roll grew up from the blues, but that's just natural and often very helpfull as it drills basic needed skills needed for rock guitar lessons).

Jazz Guitar Lessons

Of course, jazz guitar, for example, typically begins at a fairly high level.  You really need to take basic guitar lessons before you can jump up to jazz guitar lessons.  But if that is your goal, we will help you achieve it, by ensuring that your guitar lessons provide you the basic theory and structure you'll need to begin something as challenging as jazz guitar.


We have teachers that have studied with Fareed Haque, who is a fairly big name in jazz.  Feel free to google him and check him out.  Not that studying with Fareed means that your teacher knows how to make guitar lessons fun...  The fact that we hired the instructor means we are confident your guitar teacher knows how to make lessons fun.  :-)


Classical Guitar Lessons

We have excellent classical guitar lessons here at My Music Lessons.  We've got top-notch classical guitar instructors that have college training, and a true desire to share the wealth of musical knowledge.


No matter what style of guitar lessons you take, we will ensure that you learn what you need to know in order to achieve your goals.  We will not over-teach to hobbyists uninterested in reading music, and we will not underteach to motivated musicians that see themselves making a career out of music.  We are carefull to assess each student's goals and work with them accordingly.  All the while, in any case, making sure to have FUN along the way!


Our Guitar Lessons Philosophy

Some of you want to take guitar lessons as a hobby, and that's all guitar lessons are to you; a fun hobby.  You do not have an interest in reading notes but you do want to learn more scale shapes, patterns, and chords, and expand your abilities.  In this case, why would we force you to learn to read notes in your guitar lessons?  You wouldn't stick around and we know it.


Some of you want to take guitar lessons because you've already discovered you have a natural talent, and you see yourself playing guitar for the rest of your life.  So, to you, guitar lessons are all about learning everything there is to know about the guitar so that you can pick up any gig you need to pick up, in the styles that interest you.  In this case, we will be sure to set you up to take guitar lessons from a high-level guitar instructor that can take you all the way to the peak of your abilities.  Hopefully, you may one day even out-grow us and require guitar lessons from even higher-level instructors.  That would be our aim in your case.


Our promise to you is that our guitar lessons will provide you with the education you desire and deserve.  And most importantly, you're going to have fun along the way.

Guitar Lessons

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