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Making Music Lessons Affordable Via Small Group Lessons


I'm excited to announce that we're now offering small group lessons.  I know that our prices for private lessons are high, and are only affordable to the upper-middle class.  That bothers me.  Music lessons shouldn't be just for the well-off. Simultaneously, it's necessary to keep prices high in order to attract and pay quality teachers, pay for the administrative help I need, and cover rent and have a little left over at the end of the month.  So I've decided to start pushing prices down by offering small group lessons.



Lessons will have a maximum of 3 students, and you can choose to learn guitar, piano, or ukulele.  You may wind up in a class of 3 ukuleles, you may wind up in a class of 2 guitars and one piano.  However it comes together, you can expect to have fun while you play along and learn with others. :-)


If you choose guitar or ukulele, please bring your instrument to each class.  If you choose piano, please be sure to purchase an affordable keyboard so you can practice your parts at home.  If you need advice about purchasing a ukulele, guitar, or piano, please click here.


The price is $12 per 1/2-hour group lesson.​ 


Call us or email us to find out our  group lessons schedule.  855-438-5377


Register now!



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