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My Music Lessons' Policies

The following is your contract with the private music school My Music Lessons.  It is an agreement between the school My Music Lessons and the student or parent whom is paying for private lessons.  Below, the school My Music Lessons shall be referred to as “My Music Lessons” and the student or parent responsible for paying for private lessons shall be referred to as “Student”.

The Semester System

My Music Lessons asks Student to commit to a minimum of one semester of private lessons.  By signing this agreement, you are committing to an entire semester of music lessons (or until the end of the current semester).  If you have a trial-lesson scheduled, you are not bound by this agreement until you have taken your SECOND lesson, at that point you agree to abide by this contract, but you still must sign this agreement before you take your trial lesson. Also, we are not monsters. We will not force you or your child to continue with lessons if you really, really, really want out. But we feel commitment is a valuable thing, one that should be taught, and honored. And 4 months isn't really that long, so we don't feel like it's asking too much. Our semesters are scheduled as follows:
    - Fall semester = September through December
    - Spring semester = January through May
    - Summer semester = June through August
Holiday Schedule

You can now log-in to our website to see your very own lessons schedule.  If there's a holiday, your lesson will not be on the calendar.  You can sync your lessons calendar to your phone, Google, iPhone, iPad or Mac... right from our website.

We always close our doors:
- Labor Day
- Columbus Day (just because the public schools do, not because we think much of Mr. Columbus)
- Thanksgiving (Wed-Sun)
- Christmas/Hanukkah/Quanza/New-Years (two-weeks, varies year to year)
- Martin Luther King Jr. Day (we love Martin)
- Presidents Day
- Spring Break
Make-Up Lessons

Private Lesson Cancellation Policy:
You are allowed two cancellations per semester for which you can redeem make-up lessons. Cancellations are not refundable, only make-up lessons are offered instead. One Sick day or emergency situation will be allowed per semester which doesn't count towards your 2 make-ups.

You must give 24 hours notice to be offered a make-up lesson, except in the case of sickness or emergency.

You must utilize your make-up credits during the semester you cancelled in. Make-up lessons do not "roll-over" to future semesters. However, we allow 31-day grace period. For example, if you have 2 make-up credits issued at the end of August, (knowing the next semester starts in September), you have until the end of September to utilize those make-up credits.

Group Lesson Cancellation Policy:
There are no make-up lessons, or refunds offered for group lessons.
Cancellation Policies

When The Student Cancels A Lesson:
* Student is eligible to use one of his/her allotted make-up lessons only if 24 hours notice is given.
* In the event student becomes injured and can not continue with lessons, My Music Lessons will pro-rate the following semester by the number of lessons missed in order to compensate.
* Note:  Student can not electively discontinue lessons at any time, the commitment is for the semester.

When My Music Lessons Cancels A Lesson:
* If your instructor falls ill, and a lesson is canceled, you will receive a make-up lesson and it will NOT be counted as a used make-up lesson for the semester.
Refund Policies

We expect canceled lessons to be made-up during the current or 31 days into the following semester.  Refunds can only be given in extreme circumstances such as:  unexpected job-loss, job-transfer, or debilitating injury.  Determinations for refunds will be made on a case-by-case basis by My Music Lessons.  

Pricing & Payment Policy

There is a $35 registration fee. All lessons must be pre-paid by the 1st of the month. Current prices are posted on our website. Notice will be given if prices change.

Monthly Payments
You must pay before the 1st of the month.  You have two options to to so: A) you can login manually to our website and pay for the upcoming month or B) you can give us permission to charge your card each month by hand (no computers will be set to auto-charge).  

Late Payment Fees
If your monthly payment is late, you agree to a $2.00/day late charge.

Pay-In-Full Option
Student may pay-in-full for the entire semester of lessons.  We accept credit cards, or checks for this option.  Must be paid before the semester begins.

Payments are processed securely via our payment provider Paypal.  Your card information is always kept private and PCI COMPLIANT.
Substitute Teachers

My Music Lessons reserves the right to provide a substitute instructor in the event student’s regularly scheduled private instructor either falls sick, becomes injured, or requests a vacation day.  My Music Lessons will do it’s best to keep substitute teaching to a minimum, but we believe when it comes to the welfare of the music student, lesson consistency trumps instructor consistency.  Naturally, as part of our commitment to excellence, we guarantee your substitute teacher will be every bit as good as your regular private instructor.
New Private Instructor

My Music Lessons reserves the right to provide student with a new private instructor if, for any reason, student’s current instructor can no longer continue teaching student.

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