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The mission of my music lessons is to give the gift of music; to enrich lives with this gift that lasts a lifetime; to inspire the next generation of musicians to come; to coach children and adults of all talent levels to find fun in music; to instill a self-perpetuating work ethic where the reward is a sense of accomplishment, to grow confidence in our students by proving empirically that repetition is the mother of skill, and to ultimately leave this world in better shape than the way we found it.

Our vision is to realize a company of purpose and spirit. One that not only brings the gift of music education to our community but also one that leads by example as it lights the way forward via hope and compassion.

We aim to provide a truly exceptional private or group lessons experience, and we have many testimonials and references from satisfied students/parents; (scroll down to read testimonials below, or click “references” to request a list).  Our teachers are great with adults and kids alike, and quite simply, they are some of the finest teachers money can buy.

Our instructors are proud graduates of the following higher education institutions:

How do we stack up?  

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, please bookmark this website.  It’s a great resource.  You have everything you need here to make a qualified decision:  1) we teach the instrument you want to learn, 2) we have an exceptional teacher for you or your child  to learn from, 3) we will teach you in your home, at our studio, 4) we are so confident that you’ll love your experience with us, we offer a 100% satisfaction-guarantee.

Our Mission

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"He is more than I had hoped to find! Phil really listens to what I'm interested in and then goes beyond by suggesting other creative ideas. He is a professional in every sense of the word. Not only is he an accomplished musician, but also a superb instructor who gives 110% in every lesson. He is also a great motivator which helps me want to learn even more.” --  Mary Ann Fischer - Oak Park, Illinois 60302

Not only is Phil a skilled musician with a real talent for his craft, but he understands and relates to young students. He continues to challenge and motivate Matt to improve, by introducing fun material that Matt is excited to master and play for others to hear.  -- Donna Culver - Oak Park, Illinois  60302

"My daughter had never played guitar before when we started lessons with Phil, and I didn't know anything about guitars. Phil taught her how to tune and take care of the instrument, and all of the basic chords, but more importantly, he got her excited about learning how to play. He had her bring in songs that she was interested in learning and taught her how to play them. There was very little instruction from a music book, so she was motivated to learn. When I decided to buy her an electric guitar, Phil came with us to the store to help us pick one out. That was way above and beyond what I expected, but I really appreciated that extra touch. Phil is an gifted musician and his enthusiasm for the guitar is inspiring to new students." -- Marbet Cuthbert - Oak Park, Illinois 60302

“My sons have been taking guitar and drum lessons with Phil for about a year now, and I can’t believe how much they've learned!  Phil makes every lesson interesting, and he challenges my boys weekly to push themselves to the next level.  He is knowledgeable, encouraging, and fun.  I highly recommend him!” -- Maria Samatas - Oak Park, Illinois  60302

“Phil's a good teacher that teaches you songs that you want to learn.  Starting from the basics and then moving to more advanced things, Phil's been teaching me how to be a good drummer. He's made me a lot more confident on drums, and he's fun to work with.” -- Paul Samatas - Oak Park, Illinois  60302

“I went through MANY teachers looking not only for the appropriate musical skills, but the patience and personality that would encourage me to learn as well as my 68 year young Mom.  Phil was a perfect match for us both.  Knowledgeable, patient, thorough, encouraging and personable.  I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for a teacher.”  -- Noelle Michaels Frost - Oak Park, Illinois  60302

"Phil is the best instructor I have had the experience of learning guitar with.  He approaches it with genuine enthusiasm and will teach you what you want to learn, when you want to learn it.  He explains things in a very basic, easy to understand manner and also has a lot of technical knowledge." -- Geoff Lambert - Oak Park, Illinois  60302

"Phil's enthusiasm for music and teaching is huge. He is technically very skilled and extremely knowledgeable about theory. Having studied at Berklee he is able to teach any concept, technique, song or whatever else I'm interested in learning. And for those times when I'm a little less motivated he is there to get me back on track and remind me why I decided to start learning guitar in the first place." -- Adam Broder - Oak Park, Illinois  60302

“Our son has a tremendous experience with Phil.  He is excited about playing the guitar, especially because he is getting better all the time.  Phil has a great knack for making him play better while having fun doing it.” -- Edward McCormick - Oak Park, Illinois  60302

"Rob has been inspiring my son to strive harder in learning guitar. He is a wonderful teacher. He has helped him develop new skills in playing both electric and acoustic guitars." -- Jose Limson, Skokie, IL

"Robert has been teaching our daughter Vizhon for a number of months now. Her desire to play has only grown, even after long practice sessions that result in sore fingers. Robert is a very patient and careful teacher that communicates very well with a younger student. We were lucky to find him!” -- Alice Epstein, Bridgeport, Chicago, IL


"Declan enjoys his lessons immensely, and I'm sure I'm not the only parent who can't say enough about what great talent Aidan has with the kids. He is patient and thorough and helpful, and his responses to my questions are always detailed and insightful." -- Karen, Oak Park, IL 60301

"It is so fulfilling being a student at My Music Lessons. The instruction is intense, yet fun, technically challenging, yet thrillingly inspiring. I enjoy practicing because my lessons are tailored to my interests, skill set, and my unique aspirations. They don't just tell you to practice, they literally teach you how to practice. The pursuit of working on my goals is intoxicating and brings me a wonderful sense of accomplishment because my piano teacher, Phil, is just as committed to seeing me excel as I am. My Music Lessons is an incredibly nurturing environment and a wonderful opportunity to make the world a better place through music." -- Katrinia Hamilton, Oak Park, IL 60304

Montessori Affiliation


MML is proud to provide after-school music lessons at Alcuin Montessori School in Oak Park.  The program is a big success, and growing every year.



  • Private Music Lessons
  • Music Production & Engineering 
  • Band Coaching
  • ​Guitar Set-ups (Intonation, fret-buzz,,, etc)



“Phil's enthusiasm for music and teaching is huge.  He is very skilled and knowledgable..."